Plant Construction

Bertram’s particular strength, to work to the customer’s specific wishes, is shown by the fact that they develop and construct special purpose machines, as well as their standard control and automation machines. The close customer contact during the planning and implementation stages ensures efficient construction and short delivery times.

The general team-work between Bertram engineers, in the areas of drive technology, SPS-systems, electrical engineering, measuring and control technology, micro-process engineering, and process visualisation, during the implementation of a task, allows the project to be executed quickly, while always keeping the goal in sight.

The special purpose machines developed by Bertram have become an integral part of the wood industry. Trunk splitting and optimisation systems, veneer-winders, bobbin storage equipment, tray systems, veneer clippers, veneer un-winders, stacking and sorting equipment, production data collectors and round-up treatment plants reliably work worldwide. The glass industry also appreciates our systems for sorting and orientating hollow glass products.